About The Center:

The Israeli Center for Political Training (ICPT) was established by Miss Michal Shir. The center began its operations in 2009 due to the need to modernize and professionalize the Israeli political system.

The reputation of the center has rapidly grown and its staff, contributors and guests lecturers now include Israel's top advisors in parliamentary affairs such as Mr. Oren Magnezy, a Harvard Kennedy School graduate and former advisor to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Miss Sabina Blank a former economics advisor to the Office of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Amit Segal the Senior Parliamentary Correspondent for channel 2 News, Nadav Perry the Senior Parliamentary Correspondent for channel 10 News, and political campaign management, Miss Vanessa Seyman Professional Negotiator, Mr. Shai Ben Maor a former political and crises management advisor to Leader of the Opposition M.K Tzipi Livni and many more.

What we offer: 

The Israeli Center for Political Training provides practical tools and custom made programs that reflect the current system and its needs.

Training and learning for parliamentary and government assistants

Framework of the political system.

Writing and passing Legislation

Working with parliamentary committees

Parliamentary budgets and  relations with various government offices

Time management and speech writing

Developing and maintaining relationships with the public

Media and political public relations

Spokesman-ship, public relations, political strategy and tactics.

Working with journalists and correspondents.

Social media.

Marketing and interpersonal skills

Crises management

Briefings and press conferences

Political campaign strategy and management

Political campaign building

Identifying problems and providing solutions

Developing options and strategies

Negotiation skills

Policy implementation

Grants, donors and campaign financing

Governmental lobbing and policy

Influencing and negotiations workshops

Understanding relationships within the parliamentary system

Understanding the nature of political interests

Political causes and campaigns  Networking and relationships between decision makers and the business community 

Case studies

Organization and personal skills

Leadership skills

Project management

Time management

Interview skills and CV writing

Performance and efficiency

Civil service public relations

Visiting government institutions


The Israeli Center for Political Training creates opportunities to develop a governmental system that is custom designed to achieve the maximum benefit for its target audience, and to do so in a sustainable manner.
The Center's training programs lead to a higher level of professionalism and cooperation that contribute to a much more practical and efficient decision making processes.